Shenandoah Recorder Society

Brief History

The group was formed in 2004 by Bill Newcomb, Margaret Newcomb, and Lesslie Crowell. Since 2005 SRS has sponsored biennial fall workshops for recorder players in the mid-Atlantic region. SRS hosted the ARS  Board meeting in 2008. Small groups and individuals from the SRS have played in the schools and participated in local concerts.


Chapter of American Recorder Society

The SRS is a Chapter of the American Recorder Society. Gary Porter is the Chapter Representative.


Membership and Fees

Individual members are assessed a fee of $25 each October. A family membership costs $30. Attendance at one of the regular monthly meetings costs $5 (first meeting free).


Past Workshops

The biennial fall workshops hosted by the SRS were led by the following recorder players and teachers:


2005   Pat Peterson (Feb 2006)

2007   Rachel Begley and Larry Lipnik

2009   Matthias Maute

2011   Frances Blaker and Tish Berlin

2013   Nina Stern and Shane Shanahan (percussion)

2015   Pat Peterson and Jennifer Streeter

2017   Heloise Degrugillier  (October 7, 2017)P

2019   Gwynn Roberts & Heloise Degrugillier   (October 12, 2019)at Peterson and Jennifer Streeter.


School Workshops 

SRS is keenly interested in promoting recorder playing in the schools. SRS has conducted a

number of concerts and workshops in the schools over the years. The regional workshop with Nina Sterne and

Shane Shanahan in 2013 included a day devoted to school music teachers. Please contact us if your school

would like to have SRS members play for and explore the recorder instrument and repertoire with your students.

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