Shenandoah Recorder Society

Meeting Schedule 2017-2018
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 Session Leader  
 Sun Aug 20  Gary Porter, Lesslie Crowell  
 Sun Sep 17  Margaret Newcomb
 Sat Oct 7  Heloise Degrugillier  Fall Workshop
 Sun Oct 15  No 3rd Sunday meeting
 Sun Nov 19  Nancy Garlick  
 Sun Dec 17  Margaret and Nancy  
 Sun Jan 21  Margaret Newcomb  
 Sun Feb 18
 Member Recital  
 Sat Mar 10  Anne Timberlake  Saturday Morning-- 10:30 to noon
 Sun Apr 15
 Margaret Newcomb/Nancy Garlick Finish recital from February 
 Sat May 12
 Anne Timberlake
 Saturday Morning-- 10:30 to noon
 Sun Jun 17
 Lee Showalter
 Sun Jul 15
 Lee Showalter
 Sun Aug 19